E-HUB 2019


Human capital development remains a deficit Liberia continues to face since the end of her civil crisis. A national crisis our development specialists are yet to harness practical solution to. 

Between 1984-2000, the insertion of Liberia’s poor human capital development and lawless society problem commenced. It was between these times, unlike before, that many unprepared mothers and fathers gave birth to the current proliferation of unsupervised children (ones who claimed to have solutions to Liberia’s problems). A crisis that Liberia faced today!

Not been groomed well, mentored and prepared for parenting, could not have given to their child/children what they didn’t get. As the result –a case study of Liberia today, these un-groomed, un-mentored, and unprepared child/children took their own directions.  A Liberia scenario today!

The Need to have an effective mentorship program that has a clear road-map such as: beginner-intermediate-Advance levels that walk them through the practical approaches of life, teach them moral lessons and give them sense of responsibilities, build their self-esteem, avail their true person, teaching them the importance of giving back to society, and seeing themselves as “Solvers” and not “Blamers”, is why Youth for Change Inc.  developed this simple, but very effective flagship Program to Bridge this gap that our development specialists are yet to find practical solution to. 

Researchers, policy-makers, and child advocates say the time any child spends unsupervised is filling with risk such as injury, drug use, and falling behind in studies and even exposure to sexual abuse. This research further shows that quality afterschool programs can improve children’s self-perceptions, school achievement, reduce problematic behaviors, promote positive social engagements and feelings about school.

Well, as an institution that is always in the business of deriving simple creative means of solution to societal problems, presented last year the “Education Empowerment Hub”, EHUB for short.  A space/platform designed to help parents; prepared, unprepared/unsupervised, and busy ones to keep their child/children engaged with academic mix with recreational activities, and to contribute in their “Grooming and self discovery Process” with emphasis on giving them hands-on skills during vacation. 

Last year-the first edition, we successfully graduated 65 ready leaders who are currently affecting the “change” within their respective communities. On September 7, 2019- 2nd edition, thirty seven (37) were launched to lead the evidential change within their homes, schools, churches, mosques, and communities.

As always, Youth For Change Inc. has proven to be eminent in leading the evidential change in the lives of young people. And our designed programs are intended to discover, nurture, avail, and launch potential leaders into their future. 


Congratulation our newest E-HUB Ambassadors/Change Agents!!! Go help solve some of Liberia’s enormous challenges!!!