Team Cape Mount

Team Cape Mount county, halls from the bottom of the western region Grand Cape Mount County, Robertsport Government high school, the lake Piso boys which was founded in 1954 a mother school in Grand Cape Mount County.

For many years this institution has stand tall when it comes to academics activities such as the LMDI quizzing and the Liberia National High School Debate Championship. In view of that they are said to have won against the Gbessey Public high school in the preliminary region of the LMDI quizzing but was unfortunate to have represented the county in 2016. In 2019 this year she was given the chance to participate in The Liberia National High school Debate Championship preliminary region and won all of the schools that played her. She is honor to be nickname “The UNBEATABLE” and as such any school that came her way was band to lose. Robertsport Government high school vow to win first place of the Liberia national high School Debate Championship at all cost in order to live after her name.



The Margibi County Debate team calls themselves the Booker Washington Institute for Short BWI but actually they are the Tigers Kingdom which was formed in 1929 and since has been the proud and heartbeat of Margibi Education system and Liberia at large. They have won countless trophies in Quizzing organized by NGOs, Youth Groups E. T. C. And off course They have won spelling bees on so many occasions. 
Upon their first entry into the LNDC, they were defeated by the FirestoneLiberia High School and at this year LNDC Firestone Liberia High School were crushed including all their opponents with our tiger paws thus making them qualified for the central Tournament this Year in Monrovia. 
They are confidently coming to Monrovia for nothing less than wins!

The Liberia National Debate Championship Is a Platform the Discovers, Nurtures, Avails and Launches Potential Leaders Into Their Future!


The Foya Central High School is the first Government Senior High School in Foya District, Lofa County. This institution was constructed by the Government of Liberia as a means to diffuse this huge cloud of illiteracy that is hanging over our country. It was founded in 1982 as Junior High School and named “Foya Community School”. In 1986, this noble institution was elevated to the Senior High Division but had no graduation prior to the civil crisis. This institution today is the most populated school in Foya and has had a number of graduation programs. This school also participated in extra Curricular activities since the resumption of normal school activities. It’s a defending champion of all competitions in Foya District since three years now. It has the best football team, it has the best quizzing team and the best debate team. Currently, it’s the best Debate team in Lofa County. It obtained this title in the recent National Debate organized by Youth For Change (YOC) and Sponsored by Orange Liberia, one of the best G.S.M Company in Liberia following their victory over the participating Schools in Lofa County they were declared as a qualified School to represent Lofa in the National Debate. At the moment, this institution Debate Team is preparing to represent Lofa County in the national Debate which will be held in the Nation Capital, Monrovia. The brains behind this success are: Abraham S.B. Tamba- Captain, David Fayiah, Ruth Bandiyo, Jeremiah Nemour, and Festus James. They will be supervised by Coach Solomon Nyuma, Instructor, Foya Central High School.


Team Maryland

The O.S Collins Baptist High School was established on September 3,2003 by the first Baptist Church in Pleebo city, Maryland County as a means of recognizing the tremendous valves in the principles of education. It was named in honor of the current deputy minister of Internal affairs, Min. Olayee Sunday Collins. The school operated from Pre-School , kindergarten up to grade six of the elementary division when it was firstly established, but was accredited as a full flesh Junior and senior high school in October of 2009

In 2018, the O.S Collins Baptist High School defeated the St. Francis High School in the final Debate Match organized by the SWAGG Empire Entertainment in Pleebo Maryland. She also defeated the First Assembly Of God high school and won the match organized by the innovative friends club in 2019, under the captain-ship of Student Maima Dinah Brooks.


Team Bomi County

The CH Dewey Central High School commonly known as the Eagle Kingdom is the first Bomi County representative in the Liberia National Debate Championship and has now successfully made her way to be its representative this May 2019.

The CH Dewey Central High School established on Feb 24, 1960 with an eagle as its emblem was constructed by the then Liberian Mining Company (LMC) as part of its corporate social responsibility. It was named in honor of the first managing director Charles Henry Dewey. The Engle’s Kingdom won the UNMIL Essay Competition in 2014/2015, defeated all schools in Bomi and represented the western region in the LMDI Quizzing Competition in 2015/2016, in 2017/2018 she made her way to Monrovia for the Liberia National Debate Championship where she secured the fourth place. She victoriously won the schools in Bomi County Again with the final Score of 90.81% to represent her county and became the only returning County Representative in the 2019 edition of the Liberia National Debate Championship this May.


Grand kru county most powerful school Barclayville central high was founded in 1930 as a junior high and back then it was called A. Doris Ban. In 1954, it was raised to senior high and the name was changed to Barclayville Central High School. They are nickname B-Ville central high or the Barclays. Their uniform color is White shirt and brown trouser for boys and white shirt and brown skirt for girls.

They Participated in National spelling Bee at county level, LMDI quizzing at regional level, but unable to win any of the two competitions. Their expectation for this national debate is nothing less then a win and a first place trophy to take back to Grand Kru. Victory they say is sure. The team is presently coach by a young man call Coach Fred Wesseh and Captain by a student call Christopher Weah.


The Hope Academy High School was established in 2008 and has had 8 (eight) batches of graduates who have served the school in different areas including soccer, kickball, quizzing, debates,  peace club and the likes.

In 2014, Hope Academy represented Nimba County in the the following: The National Spelling Bees compitition winning the second place award while in 2016 another second place award in the county’s science compitition respectively. In addition, Hope Academy represented Nimba county in the just ended National debate championship winning no award but planning for first place award for next year debate.

Moreover, Hope Academy High School has a second to none kickball team since 2005 to present.


The Buchanan Open Bible Standard School is a privately funded High School situated in central Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, Liberia. This noble institution was authorized by the Ministry of Education in 1989 after it’s establishment in1988. The Buchanan Open Bible Standard School is one of the most outstanding schools in Grand Bassa county, well known for her excellent academic performances in WAEC, WASSCE, Quizzing, debate and so forth

This very impressive institution has won for herself over 30 trophies in a wide variety of sports including football, kickball, musical contests, etc. With dignity and Loyalty, her students have also represented Grand Bassa county on the national scene in football, quizzing, kickball, public tests, and of course Debate

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