After School Matters:

Everyone wants adolescents off the streets and learning new skills after school. The problem is that there’s no consensus on what kinds of programs benefit children most. In an age when both parents commonly work, and single parents must be away from home when their children get out of school, and alarmingly in the case of Liberia, most parents cannot afford to even send their kids to school not to even talk about sending them to extra classes after school, the need to provide activities for kids after school has increased.

Afterschool programs are organized activities for children which take place after school, but before the normal workday are over. Filling these hours and finding child care for their children can be taxing for parents. The demand and popularity of after school care for elementary-aged children has led schools and organizations to create programs that engage kids in worthwhile, fun, and educational activities.


Participation in quality afterschool programs can improve young people’s behavior, enhance their social and emotional development, and boost their academic performance. Afterschool Program in this proposal termed as “After School Matters-ASM, will play a key role in student’s exceptional academic performances but expected to get rarely much attention due to government competing priorities.