On December 17, 2017 a team of young debaters left Liberia to participate for the first time in the all-time “Orate Africa Championships Leg I held in South Africa and hosted by the ORATE AFRICA TRUST. The delegation termed as “TEAM LIBERIA” consisted of two teams. Both teams left under the umbrella of Youth for Change Inc., a duly registered local NGO.
TEAM LIBERIA exceptional performance as first-time entry in this championship winning (5) out of eight (8) games which places them as the “Most outstanding team in the tournament, and The Best from West Africa”.
Upon their return to Liberia, the teams for the first time had the opportunity to share experiences and interact with their collages from various high schools in and around Monrovia through a one day Youth Exchange and Service Learning forum organized by Youth for Change and sponsor by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) which took place at the US Embassy Multi-Purpose Room.

The goal of this program is to create the space for the young debaters to interact and share their experiences with young folks back home while at the same time getting to know the important of service provision.