Amb. Satta F. Sheriff
Brand Ambassador, YOC

Satta Sheriff is the founder of Youth in Action for Peace and Empowerment (YAPE), a children and youth driven NGO founded to advocate, empower and preach peace for Human Rights and other vulnerable groups in Liberia.

Satta is a founding member of the Global Youth Leadership Council and a recognized member of the fifty (50) most impacting young females Leaders in Africa 2017 (One World Foundation).


Satta is also a Peace Ambassador of One Young World and the Brand Ambassador of Change for Youth for Change Inc. (the National Debate Championship in Liberia).


At age 16, she was elected first female Speaker of the Liberian Children’s Parliament.

In 2016, she co-founded the Joint Action Committee on Children (JACC) a national forceful and proactive advocacy group aim at investigating and demanding concert actions and steps to restore social justice for all children.


In 2016, Satta was awarded the Most Influential Teen Award in Liberia and as Diana Princess of Wales Active Campaigner.

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